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Reaper Miniatures Package Deals FAQ

What is a Package Deal?

Our Package Deals make it easier to get started selling Reaper Miniature products. We offer several different packages. Many include display racks used to present product in your store, hence the name Package Deal.

See our Product Line Overview to help you navigate our wide range of adventure gaming products. This overview will help you understand the genres and uses each product line is tailored for.

What are the rack dimensions?

Cardboard Rack Dimensions:
  • Cardboard display unit only; assembly is required.
  • Display Size: W 71cm, D 30cm, H 178cm/ W 28"x D 12", H 70"
This convenient package includes our best selling BONES USA miniatures from our Dungeon Dwellers and Reaper Legends miniatures ranges! These products are proven performers that will be sure to sell in your store. These miniatures are perfect for roleplaying, tabletop gaming, and hobbyists!

Contents are for example refefence only. Items on sale are enumerated in the listing above.

How do you create your Package Deals?

We carefully select the products in each of our Package Deals to make sure you end up with the right product for your store. Package Deals are sorted under two main categories, popularity and price.

Package Deals that indicate "Top Selling" in their title feature only the very best selling miniatures from that line. Every year we revise these lists to ensure they contain only the best of our already fantastic lines.

We also offer Package Deals arranged by MSRP. Instead of arranging by rank popularity, these lines carry only product at the MSRP point or lower. For example, a price-oriented Package Deal featuring the Dark Heaven Legends line allows you to get the most out of your dollars while building up to the full line of 500 SKUs.

Remember that if your product is not selling and you believe the line has gone "stale", you can make a dollar for dollar return for new product. You pay to return the product to us and we pay to send you new product. We want your inventory to stay "green"!

What about paint?

We're in the process of re-working our retail paint offerings.

What is the best way to refill my empty racks?

If you are looking to refill your empty Reaper Miniature racks we recommend using our Bulk Import page. If you only need a few miniatures then simply buying them on the website might also be a wonderful option.