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All figures come unpainted. This figure is multipart.

Pirate City of Brinewind Boxed Set
Bones Black Deluxe Boxed Set

Sculpted by Chris Lewis, Kevin Williams


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The "Pirate City of Brinewind" boxed set contains 20 pieces of pirate-themed terrain that will transform your gaming table from boring to bravo! Each piece of terrain is injected in Reaper’s Bones Black plastic and is designed for you to paint or play with, right out of the box! All of these terrain pieces are designed to work perfectly with all Reaper Miniatures products as well as your favorite RPG or tabletop miniatures games!
Drunken Mermaid Bar
Bar Table
4 Bar Chairs
3 Brinewind Dock Pieces
4-wheeled Cart
Wooden Crates
Ship Stowage
Pirate Burial Marker