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Acorn Pumpkin - Fast and Easy

by Michael Pageau
aka Dargrin

Looking to do up some quick Halloween decor? Well, look no further then your back yard.

Tools needed:
  • One or more Acorns
  • X-Acto knife, Drill
  • Small drill bit
  • Vise

Step One. Clean off your pumpkin. Use Windex or a damp rag to get any debris off the acorn. Make sure it is clean and dry before moving on.
Step Two. For safety sake put acorn in vise and put on some safety glasses.
Step Three. Use and X-Acto knife to place dimples where you want to make the holes.
Place the drill bit on the spot and SLOWLY start rotating the drill bit. If you go too fast the bit can skip off and ruin the out side of the acorn.
Step Four. Now that you have the holes you can mark up the mouth and eyes. Use the X-Acto to carve the face. Go slowly and use a sharp blade.
Step Five. Use a set of tweezers to remove any visible debris.
Step Six. Prime white and paint. I used Reaper Pro Bright Orange for this one with some other touches of my own.

Optional 1

For this pumpkin, I drilled a hole in the bottom after I carved the holes. It gave it a cleaner eye and mouth holes.

Optional 2

If you are electrically inclined, you can got to a Radio shack and pick up an amber L.E.D and a watch battery. Connect up the L.E.D to the watch battery , place in the hole in the bottom and you have a lit pumpkin!

And Viola!

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